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Google Knol publishes our recent article entitled, “Creating Millions of U.S. Jobs on the Road to Grid Parity: Why the 30 % Solar Cash Grant Should be Extended”

July 13th, 2011 by Charles

In the 2011 MIT Technology Review article entitled, “Solar’s Great Leap Forward,” the CEO of Suntech Power – the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels – predicts “solar grid parity” within 5 years. Solar grid parity is the point where the cost of installing a solar P.V. system is equal to the cost of installing a conventional power system to the end user, which is the building owner. In the same issue of the MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates of Microsoft makes the point that due to the scale of the energy sector, government support is often essential to maintain innovation.

Currently, the United States federal government offers a 30% solar tax credit or 30% solar cash grant to end users who install a solar P.V. system on their commercial or government property.  Unfortunately, however, the 30% federal solar tax credit is due to expire December 31st, 2016, and the 30% cash grant program expires December 31st, 2011. The solar cash grant program has been extremely successful and, if renewed, it would only continue to gain momentum during the 5-year transition period to grid parity.  Thus, it is the authors’ opinion that to remain globally competitive the United States must renew the cash grant program.

Read the article here.

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Energy Tax Savers Inc., The EPAct 179D Experts

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