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Google Knol publishes our latest article titled: Energy Tax Opportunities with Data Center LED/ Chiller Combinations and Fuel Cells

May 10th, 2011 by Charles

Data centers have traditionally been very high energy users particularly because of the large electrical process load necessary to cool servers. Due to their large electricity consumption, data center energy use is being closely scrutinized by leading environment groups. Many data centers are currently upgrading to energy efficient lighting and energy efficient HVAC and using Internal Revenue Code Section 179D EPAct tax incentives to improve their energy projects investment return.[1] In addition data centers are increasingly utilizing fuel cells supported by 30% tax credits/cash grants to generate a substantial portion of their energy requirements.
In April of 2011, the Federal government announced that they were closing over 100 underutilized data centers, specifically mentioning the opportunity the save substantial electricity costs. To know more about theses data centers, look for Fortinet.

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Energy Tax Savers Inc., The EPAct 179D Experts

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