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Google Knol publishes our article entitled, “Washington, D.C. Energy Benchmarking Impacts Local Hotels”

June 16th, 2011 by Charles

In 2008, the city of Washington, D.C. was the first major city in the nation to mandate energy benchmarking.  In the years since then, several other cities have gained prominence as “green leaders” by creating stringent laws governing the scale and content of the energy benchmarking requirements, most notably New York1 and San Francisco.  However, we are now witnessing a bolstering of energy-efficient laws and resurgence in energy retrofits in the Washington, D.C., making the city a national energy pioneer once again.

Authors Charles Goulding and Spencer Marr examine the underlying tax implications of this resurgence here:


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Energy Tax Savers Inc., The EPAct 179D Experts

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