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Essential elements of SEO

February 25th, 2011 by Charles

The key element to off site SEO is link building or backlinks, which is an effort to have other reputable, high traffic websites link back to your site.

If you’re trying to get links for your site, you can get links to you pretty easily. If you’re a small business owner who wants to generate links for your business then you’ll have to work extra hard to generate great links for your business, although services from sites as can also help with this, since they offer one of the best services online.

Make sure you have links with tons of backlinks to your website. For more info on generating backlinks, check out my article on backlinks.

Google has a list of 50+ Business Plan Ideas. This list contains various different ideas for how you can build your own business website. It goes over different business styles like any other business owner.

This list includes many other things besides business websites, such as product/service description, ordering, marketing strategy, and even what to use for logo.

Good Links = Good Authority

We have a lot of stuff to get through here. There are plenty of great ideas out there that we’ll get to in just a minute.

But for now let’s focus on the next most important ingredient for business success: links.

Once we have great content and strong backlinks we’re ready to put that business online.

Links can carry you through to the top of the web. Links may help you get the best clients, become the number one search result or link to sales pages.

If you want to start working on getting links for your site, it’s incredibly important to have the right keyword for each page.

When we do this:

We create a list of the most important keywords we can.

We write them out for every page.

We take those keywords, drop them into a spreadsheet for each page.

We add them to linkscholar to find out which pages have the most potential links and they can help us quickly build backlinks to those pages.

These examples show how you can get access to your keywords.

The keyword value is up to you. You can put as little or as much keyword value in each page as you’d like. If you’re working on building tons of links you might decide to limit the keywords you use in each page.

Also, you don’t have to use a keyword tool to find the best possible keywords. Some web optimization tools have multiple lists that are actually just different variations of the same keyword. You can use keyword tools to find the best variations of a keyword. You might use Google My Business for your online business, Business Niche for your online product/service, or Link Research to find the best versions of the same keyword on lots of different websites. You may need to do some manual keyword research on these different tools.

Also, you have to work on your backlinks, so here’s some good and bad backlinks to get you started. If you want to learn more about building great backlinks, check out my article on building links.

Backlinks can carry your website to higher rankings. If your website is buried in Google and other search engines, that is a huge problem. You will get more traffic, but the search engines will penalize you for having poor backlinks.

But here’s a little trick.

We need to find all of our backlinks and put them into a spreadsheet for each of our pages.

Then you can look at the spreadsheet and see which of the backlinks actually made it to your page.

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