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Google Knol Publishes Our Article: Alternative Lighting Technologies Drive Large EPAct Tax Deductions for Parking Garages

March 9th, 2011 by Charles

Existing parking garages are moving quickly to retrofit to new-generation, longer-life, energy-saving lighting. The large, remaining but steadily declining, number of existing garages that still have prior generation metal halide and T-12 lighting need to move quickly to insure that all of this lighting is replaced by December 31, 2013. Upgrades to energy efficient T-8 flourescent lighting remain popular. However, LED parking garage retrofits have become very popular in high maintenance cost markets, particularly airports, where labor costs are very high. Maintenance costs are particularly high in long term and overnight parking environments such as hotels, casinos, airport car rental centers and passenger airport parking. Induction lighting may be a better alternative where the same maintenance cost savings are obtainable but the local utility rebate system offers higher rebates for proven induction technology. It is particularly important for garages in the mandatory benchmarking cities, including New York City, Washington, Austin, Seattle and California, to complete these retrofits. Delay means that garage owners users will see public disclosure making it apparent that part of their parking charge is funding excess energy costs.

Article Here

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